Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Gift of Peace

I just have to share briefly my joy and gratitude for the peace — real, inner peace — that our Lord restored to me during the Christmas Season. During Advent, I was blessed to be at a Mass where the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick was offered. Although in years past, this was given only to the dying, it is now available to anyone suffering in body, mind, or spirit.

This was the beginning of such consolation and healing for my heart and soul — graces that continued throughout the Christmas Season. Such a change from the heaviness and weariness of a few months ago...thanks be to God. He restored hope and anticipation of my vocation instead of hesitation and frustration. I am once again excited to see where He will lead!

In the last few months my family started the process for domestic infant adoption, and I can see that this may be one reason among many that the Lord did not reveal the community or the green light yet... Perhaps He is giving me a chance to get to know and bond with my (hopeful) new baby sibling before leaving.

One of my Christmastime graces was meeting a young sister who sat in front of me at Mass on December 26th. I was drawn to, but did not recognize, her gray and blue habit, so I approached her after Mass to meet her. We had a great visit and I learned about the Servants of the Lord and their mission To Evangelize the Culture. Sr. A, whom I met, lives in their D.C. House but her family is from my hometown, and she was home visiting for Christmas (I admit I was intrigued that they are allowed to do that!). She willingly provided answers to my questions about her order, and I left the meeting with excitement and the hope to learn more.

Well, the Holy Spirit gave me the opportunity when I went to the March for Life on January 22 and stayed in the area a few days extra. I kept bumping into sisters from this same order! I was able to go to their Juniorate convent for a brief but wonderful visit. All I learned about their order, charism, and apostolate is very attractive, and the visit left me with an entirely different sense than my retreats with the Dominicans. I was able to kneel before the tabernacle in their small chapel and confidently, joyfully offer my heart, saying simply, "I trust You...lead me!".

I hope to get to know the "Servidoras" (as they are known in Spanish) better, and we'll see where the Lord leads with this one! Onward for the adventure...abiding in His merciful heart. +


  1. Aw, Claire! That's wonderful about your vocation. :) I hope the Lord gives me a green light soon, because I'm getting a little discouraged and distracted by life. Pray for me, please.

    You didn't tell me that you guys may be adopting. For shame! :P I can't wait to see this addition to your family. :)


  2. Vicki, you are in my prayers always!

    I guess I didn't realize I hadn't shared the adoption news yet... yes, we are very excited, and looking forward to the gift of new life (or lives). ;)


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