Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Speed Skater to Sister

With the Olympics going on this week, I have seen this neat story in several places!

When Holum placed sixth in the 3,000 meters – one of the most grueling disciplines in the women’s program, a lung-scraping four-minute bust of lactic acid torture – speedskating insiders predicted a golden future and speculated she may not even reach her peak for another decade.
But God had bigger plans for Kirstin Holum. From the website of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal...

"Love is not loved!" St. Francis of Assisi. Throughout most of my life, I was searching for the one true love. The love to fill a void in my heart that the "world" created in me...

...When I met the CFR's , I saw in them such immense joy that I knew could only come from their love for Jesus. "I want to love Jesus radically like they do", I thought to myself.

Back to the article:
“When I give my religious testimony, it is fun to watch the reaction of the kids when I tell them I was in the Olympics,” she laughed. “Their eyes get really big and they start paying a lot more attention. It is a great thing to share with them and it gives me a lot of pleasure to think back and talk about it.

Yahoo news story here.
Kirstin's testimony on the Sisters' website here.

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