Monday, May 25, 2009

On Options

I wrote on my other blog about "Daddy-Daughter Date" I had yesterday. After Evening Vespers at the Poor Clares, we ran into a priest whom I haven't seen in a while, but who knew me by name and face (he actually led a retreat I attended about 5 years ago). He's, like, the only priest in our diocese that wears the cassock full-time, which is so neat. But I digress. :)

We chatted briefly, and I requested prayers for my discernment. His brief advice was along the following (I'm paraphrasing best I can remember): "The thing about the young people of today is that they want to keep all of their options open. And then nothing gets done. They're afraid to leave some options behind, but this is necessary for them to carry out the one(s) they are meant to do."

A valuable nugget of advice...

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  1. I agree that what the priest said was wise. He essentially pinpointed an underlying reason for the "symptom" of lack of commitment in many of the youth of today.

    With prayers,
    A seminarian friend


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